nanoNEXUS on March 15thnanoNEXUS

...connecting Alberta's nanotech community

 ABCampus and the UofA Nanotechnology Group invite you to join us for an evening mixer bringing together Alberta's micro and nanotech students and industry professionals. Attend to learn more about Alberta's growing industry and build relationships crucial to your future career and business developments over spirits and hors d'oeurves. 

Concurent to the networking sessions, entrepreneurs have a chance to participate in nexusPITCH. This competition will have students give a 5 minute pitch of their commercialization concept to Technology Commercialization Partnership. Only 10 spots available, with a cash prize of $1000! TCP will announce the winner one week later, and a 'Student Choice' award will be given by the hosts, ABCampus and UofA Nanotech Group. 

Registration for nexusPTICH HERE

What is NexusPITCH?

NexusPITCH allows entrepreneurs to receive candied feedback from TCP and the winner will win $1,000. The focus of NexusPITCH is on opportunity that integrates a technology (Nano, medical, ITC, energy, forestry, green technologies, ...) that can go to market within 5 years.

What after the competition?

TCP want help entrepreneurs to go to market and become real. Yes it is possible.

TCP can help in multiple ways but it will depend of the needs of the venture. As example, TCP:

·         will provide feedback to all the participants

·         can provide initial funding and help to grow the venture

·         can mentor participants (winner or not) depending of the fit of both parties

Who can present to NexusPitch?

Student & non student.

Anyone with a technology and that is committed for this idea.

The technology can be based on Nano Technology or Not.

How present your idea?

You have 5minutes and no projector.

We do not provide a format in order to let you judge on what is important to show us; however, be careful to consider how we will judge you.

How the opportunity will be judged?

TCP judge the concept, people, the stage of the technology, the time to market, the potential and pragmatism of the opportunity.

TCP will take a week after the presentation to define the winner in order to do a preliminary due diligence on the opportunities. The entire participant will receive the winner name by e-mail about a week after the event.

Where and When?

The NexusPITCH will occur during the NanoNexus event on March 7th 2013 from 6 to 9pm at Enterprise Square Atrium  (10230 Jasper Ave., Edmonton, AB, T5J 4P6).

If you have any question?

If you want more information about the NanoNexus event: Please go to

If you want more information about NexusPITCH, please contact: