Welcome to TCP

We are a technology focused active investor that helps talented entrepreneurs translate their innovative ideas into great companies. The TCP team has significant experience, an extensive network and a successful track record working with technology businesses. We measure success in terms of accelerating to break even and increasing business valuation.

Our differentiating features:

  • Willingness to invest early in companies
  • We measure success the same way as entrepreneurs
  • Our commitment because we share risk and success with entrepreneurs
  • Our experience in streamlining the value creation process in order to succeed without adding more challenges

Our investment criteria:

  • Committed founder(s)
  • Technology base companies
  • Growth potential
  • Pre-incorporated or incorporated 
  • Pre and post revenue companies
  • Western Canadian companies

Our metrics of success:

  • 19 months is the average time between our initial involvement and/or investment and market entry.
  • over 85% of companies break-even within 24 months of market entry.
  • $1.1M is the average capital raised per company. 
  • +170% is the average annual increase in valuation of our current companies.