The criteria for the VA Angel forum are:

  • Executive summary (1-2 pages)
  • Financials Overview (Historical and Projections): This is a one pager, so it is intended to provide exactly that, not detailed spreadsheets
  • Pitchdeck (Powerpoint 10Minutes) 

·         Summarize the business problem or “pain” and the solution that is addressed by the product or service.

·         Presents your team, their roles and responsibilities

·         Be focus on Investor need (no need to be too technical)

·         Show how you find and retain customers

·         Show how you are making money.

·         Show how much money you can make. Financial forecast

·         Show your plan, milestones,  and execution

·         Present clearly the deal:

—  Show funding requirement and deal structure.

—  Show a time frame and a call to action.

—  Show exit strategy

—  Show use of funds