In addition to application on VA Angels website, please have the following items ready for the pre-screening.

  • Pitchdeck. 
  • Executive summary.
  • Financials Overview (Historical and Projections.

Note: Visit the  criteria webpage

Deal Screening 

Deal Screening takes place the first week of each month. It gives Venture Alberta the opportunity to assess the selected company’s presentations with the assistance of some of the investor members. The process allows the presenting companies to address any missing components in their pitch as well as any questions the investors might have.

Each presentation will undergo the following cycle:

  • Setup/Transition:     5 minutes
  • Presentation:            10 minutes
  • Q&A:                           8 minutes

The Forum 

After companies have been chosen to go to the Forum, the company will work with the Entrepreneur Director in order to refine their presentations to address the needs of the investors..

The companies will be required to submit their Executive Summary, Financials and Final Presentation, at least 48 hours before the  Forums. The Calgary Forum will take place on the 2nd Tuesday of each month and the Edmonton Forum takes place the next day on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Upon arrival at the Forum, the companies will be given an agenda in which order they are presenting. The presenters will be given 10 minutes to present and then an additional 10 minutes of a question and answer session.

The investors will then sign the Goldsheet and provide their contact information if they want to be a mentor, provide capital or have a general interest in the deal being presented

Once all the companies are finished their presentation, all the presenters will be asked to leave the room while the investors have an open discussion regarding the positives and negatives of each proposal. Notes will be taken during this period and a copy of both the Goldsheet and the discussion details will be sent to each presenter after both Forums have taken place. This will give the presenting companies the opportunity to follow-up on all of the leads that have been generated from the Venture Alberta process.

After the Forum

 Once the Forums are over, the Presenter will receive within 48 hours two documents

  • The Gold Sheet Results:  Look at the Goldsheet and determine your strategy (feel free to discuss with Randy the results). Contact the members as soon as you feel comfortable to do so, either as one on one calls or as a group (GotoMeeting, lunch, etc)
  • The Feedback Results: The Feedback Sheets: Treat the feedback sheets as if they are an FAQ. Answer both the constructive and the positive with documents, articles spreadsheets, etc. Your comments are then put in a “Deal Room” on the VentureAlberta website, and also sent out to all the members, including the ones that were not able to attend the meeting.